Games for Reading

Games for Reading

     Gift Words

     Think of a word that has special significance for your child.  Baseball, gymnastics, balloon, hamster, computer, pizza.  Give this word to your child as a gift.

     Take an index card and write the word down.  Decorate the card.  Wrap the card in colorful paper, with ribbons and stickers (if you have them). 

     Pick a time of day - and give your child this gift.  If your child can't read the word, read it for them. 

     Some children will treasure their gift words; some may not seem to care.  Either reaction is ok! 

     If your child does enjoy receiving words as gifts, offer a new word from time to time.

Games for Reading

Poster Words

    The kinds of words appropriate for Gift Words could also be Poster Words!  Sports words like hockey, basketball, or soccer.  Flower words like rose, tulip or lily.  Food words:  popcorn, ice cream, or grapes.  Monster words: witch, mummy, ghost.

     Write the word on a large piece of paper.  The bigger the paper, the more impressive the poster!  Outline the letters so that your child can decorate each letter.  Use paint, crayons, stars, sparkles to make the word light up!  Hang this poster where you can enjoy it.

    If your child is tired of one poster, create another.  You might make multi-word posters:  for instance, zoo animals, musical instruments, parts of the body. 


      - from "Games for Reading:  Playful Ways to Help Your Child Read," by Peggy Kaye