PS 230 Books of the Month

Designed to support our students' social and emotional learning, PS 230 Books of the Month are incorporated into every classroom's daily and weekly schedules as read-alouds, sources for creative activities and writing projects, and topics of conversation. 

Look for activities at home that can support your child's understanding of the central theme!

November 2018

Theme:  Risk-raking & Courage


The Thing Lou Couldn't Do

by Ashley Spires

December 2018

Theme:  Self-Reflection


Each Kindness

by Jacqueline Woodson

January 2019

Theme:  Resilience


The Empty Pot

by Demi

February 2019

Theme:  Kindness & Empathy


Emmanuel's Dream

by Laurie Ann Thompson

December 2017

Theme:  Self-Reflection  The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

by Mark Pett and Gary Rubinstein

January 2018

Theme:  Resilience Fly Away Home

by Eve Bunting

February 2018

Theme:  Kindness  The Rainbow Fish

by Marcus Pfister

March 2018

Theme: Persistence  What do You Do with a Problem?

by Kobi Yamada 

March 2017

 Theme:  New Ideas/Creativity & Teamwork

Kindergarten - 5th Grade 

Going Places

by Peter and Paul Reynolds

April 2017

Theme:  Making a Difference

Kindergarten - 5th Grade



by Tom Lichtenheld

May 2017

Theme:  Reflectiveness

Kindergarten - 5th Grade


The Dot

by Peter H. Reynolds

June 2017

Theme:  Making the World Beautiful

Kindergarten - 5th Grade


Miss Rumphius

by Barbara Cooney

November 2016

 Theme:  Inclusion

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Calvin Can't Fly

by Jennifer Berne

November 2016

Theme:  Inclusion

3rd - 5th Grade


The Invisible Boy

by Trudy Ludwig

December 2016

Theme:  Courage

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade



by Bernard Waber

December 2016

Theme:  Courage

3rd - 5th Grade


Say Something

by Peggy Moss