Scoring/Grading in Lower School Phys. Ed is based on performance of skills taught in class. Grades range from 1-4.  "4" is the highest grade a student can receive. Expectations are shared with students. Demonstrations of each score are given to show students what various skill levels look like. First Grade Students should be able to score their own skills and not be surprised by the grades they get on report cards. 

A score of 1 means: student is having trouble getting started; "What should I do first?"

A score of 2 means: student can almost perform the skill; can do some parts of the skill; "What's next?"

A score of 3 means: student knows how to perform the skill; you got it! "How can I get super good at this?"

A score of 4 means: Wow! student is Super Good at this skill. "What other ways can I do this? (get more creative)