Physical Education with Ms. Woods

Physical Education in the Lower School focuses on the development of skills used for fitness and sports. We want students to attain a level of physical literacy that will allow them to understand the importance of being fit for life. Students need to wear sneakers to participate, and should wear sneakers everyday for lunch time play also. You can pack sneakers in backpacks or leave a pair at school.

Students at Work

 The Physical Education time is not recess or free play. I am expecting students to learn whatever skills and concepts I am teaching. At this time I am expecting students to remember how to enter the Gym, how to sit on their assigned spots, and how to listen for instructions. We are currently working on Locomotor Skills (walking, running, hopping...) Ask your child to show you how to do some locomotor skills. Students are also learning how to work in Stations(learning centers). Some of the station activities include; hula hooping, tumbling mat, basketball, scooting, relay running, push ups, and hopscotch. First graders are also learning to jump rope and do aerobic stepping. Practicing Yoga is also a part of our curriculum. We are currently learning and practicing various Tossing, Catching, and Throwing skills.

Kindergarten Lunch Time Play

Lunch time play is an indoor activity time in the Gym. Some days activities are set up for students(basketball hoop, scooters, tumbling mats, steps, bowling...) Every Tuesday is relay run. Every Wednesday is a Work Out day. Students are encouraged to go home and teach someone in their family the exercises we do in our workout. We add another exercise every week. On Fridays, I have a Dance Party. I teach students party dances (old and new).

Grades in Class

Students are graded on how well they perform the skills taught in class.  Scores range from 1-4. "4" is the highest score a student can get.

1= Not Yet; just starting to get the beginning of a skill

2=Almost getting it; knows some parts of the skill

3=Got It!; can perform most/all parts of the skill

4= Wow!; super skilled; skill is performed at a level above average