Physical Education with Ms. Woods

Physical Education in the Lower School focuses on the development of skills used for fitness and sports. We want students to attain a level of physical literacy that will allow them to understand the importance of being fit for life. Students need to wear sneakers to participate, and should wear sneakers everyday for lunch time play also. You can pack sneakers in backpacks or leave a pair at school. The Physical Education time is not free time and not recess. I am expecting students to follow the directions of the lesson and work to master the skills. Participation is mandatory for students to receive passing grades.

Students at Work

 Let's Get Fit!

Kindergarten students have been introduced to skills for the sports of Basketball and Soccer.  They are now being introduced to the sport of Baseball/T-Ball.

First graders have been working on skills for the sport of Tennis. Next they will work on Volleyball.

Of course all students continue to work on fitness and other skills; jump roping, hula hooping...

Workout Wednesday!

 Every Wednesday is a Work out day at Kindergarten Lunch time. The homework is to do the Workout at home with family or friends. We count to 8 for each of the following exercises: Squats, Plank(arms on the floor; hold your body up), Arm circles, Run in place, Chase the Rabbits, Tripod (one hand behind your back; then switch hands), Inchworm( reach for toes and walk hands out and back; feet don't move), Chest busters(jump with knees coming up to chest), Jumping Jacks(open and close feet), Belly Stretch(lay with belly on floor; stretch to lift arms and legs off the floor (Superman); then Swimming in place(kick those feet). We end our workout time by dancing or continuing to exercise. Dancing helps us get fit too.

There is a free Work out App for children called Swork It for kids. It's easy to use and better than playing video games.

Grades in Class

Students are graded on how well they perform the skills taught in class.  Scores range from 1-4. "4" is the highest score a student can get.

1= Trying to get started...What should you do first?

2=Almost got it!...You can do some parts of the skill. What's next?

3= You Got It!; You know how to do this. How can you get super good at it?

4= Wow!; You are Super good at this. Skill is performed at a level above average. What other ways can you do it?